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Types of Branding and Identity.

A clear and unique image that is only associated with a certain company or organization and is used in marketing the company’s brand is usually crafted through branding and identity design. Branding and identity design is equally important as the name of the company as clients tend to associate a company’s brand with its identity design. Most companies use well designed logos to sell their identity to their customers. The trademark’s designer is obliged to apprehend what the company’s brand in order to create an identity designed which is detailed and appreciate simplicity as well. It is advisable that company owners design their own logos which as they know their brand best.

It is the responsibility of the identity designer to ensure that the graphics applied can be interpreted by the public with ease which is the entire essence of identity design. This demands that the company’s logo should be never be too detailed as it tends to lose its meaning. DIY logos and use of a hired professional designer are the two methods that are commonly used in crafting an identity design for a company. Advanced technology has made it possible to design excellent trademarks within a very short time and at very affordable pricing. Companies tend to use their trademarks in all ways possible hence designers should ensure that the identity design can be published in websites, business cards, rubber stamps and social media icons. The identity design should always be scalable such that when used in various items, it is neither too big nor too small. The ability of customers to purchase a certain product is usually influenced by how often they have encountered its trademark. It is therefore advisable to the companies that identity design is a long term investment and changing it should be avoided by all means.

Identity designers are known to craft desirable trademarks which when used in company’s products advertisement they attract many new customers. The identity designer should always ensure that the trademark is his own piece of work that cannot be forged by competitors. This helps the company to withstand competition both in local and online markets as customers can quickly identify the company’s brand. Clients are known to purchase company’s brand once they have identified its trademark as it is a clear representation of what the company produces.

Experienced business managers have affirmed that strong branding and identity is the basis of a company and young new companies should embark on creating the best trademark. Identity designers have fully functional websites through which their clients can order for their services.

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