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Know The Basics of Colon Hydrotherapy

Before a person will undergo the procedure of colonoscopy, he or she will be prepared first by removing all stools in his or her intestines so that the doctor will have a clear view of the intestines wall as colonoscopy will be conducted. In order to empty the large intestine and clean it, it is either the patient will be given harsh laxatives at home, or will undergo colon hydrotherapy in the clinic before the doctor can perform colonoscopy.

To make the laxative, the doctor will prescribe a drug, and this drug of usually a powder will be poured into a gallon of water, the mixture then will be drank by the patient through a glass of it every 10 minutes apart until he or she will finish the gallon of laxative. Expect to experience diarrhea after you have drank the first few glasses.

On the other method of cleansing the color in preparation for colonoscopy, colon hydrotherapy is viewed as a smart way to cleanse the colon. Under several health conditions, colonic or colon hydrotherapy is the usual prescription of medical doctors. To irrigate the colon, a colon hydrotherapy machine with thermostat, manometer and disposable equipment is used, and in the irrigation process itself, water that is purified and clear is used together with soft abdominal massage.

Let us describe briefly below why the use of colon hydrotherapy or colonic is more beneficial.

The number one advantage is that taking strong laxative or drinking a gallon of water is not necessary for the patient to undergo just to cleanse his or her colon.

Next is that the patient is in a restful lying down position in a clinic as the procedure is done by a well-trained colon hydrotherapist. As there is an urgency to defecate by the patient, the flow of water is ended, and discharge valve is opened to lead the waste out from the colon together with the flowing out of the water.

By performing water flashing repeatedly, all fecal matter from the entire colon will be removed, aiding the gastroenterologist a clear view of the entire lumen of the colon, and thus helps get a productive view of the colon.

Part of the colonic procedure is the gentle massage performed by the experienced hydrotherapist, and the massage makes the water deeper into the beginning of the colon, and further remove the waste from the wall of the colon.

The patient is generally advised to have the colonic procedure one or two days before the colonoscopy is conducted. Colon hydrotherapy takes about 30 to 40 minutes, and the only instruction is not to eat solid foods two hours before the procedure.

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