Factors In Character Motivation.

Ambitious and perfect characters could be used in making the story interesting for the readers. Human begins shares the same experiences of having desires, wants and needs similar to characters in the books. They also have motivations they could be aware or unaware of. It is easy to compose a strong story in case one involves a strong character motivation. Due to that, there are certain steps that could be followed in the creation of strong motivation. To begin with, people have different upbringings and backgrounds. These different upbringings contributes to the differences in the characters and personalities and further affecting their motivation and values.

Giving attention to the earlier stories of the characters is a strong way to start with. A good example is listening to the characters for instance, whereby one might be living in the dry parts in their childhood. The other characters could be born I the towns and tends to be more explosive. It is possible that the person who might be born in the desert region is made tougher by the life. This could vary in other characters who might not change in a new environment. There is a group and a number of people that rarely suffer the effect of the situations. For example, the character ion the book who previously got engaged in a very hard romantic relation in the past could find it tough to trust again. This does not happen all the times that the characters causes the effects. A number of these events affects the psychological part of the being.

Failing to reveal the motivation from the specific characters is a way of creating the best in the characters. Use of both the conscious and the unconscious motivators makes it better. The conscious character in the story is used in making the story more fun since they outwardly express their characters to the readers. The unconscious characters is used in displaying the powerful inner mind and feelings of the characters in the story. As such, they display the character psychology. As a result of low esteem, a character is likely to appear destructive to those surrounding him. This could be due to the poor treatment during the school days. Establish new experiences ion the characters to bring out various motivations. Set up a stronger type of motivation in the characters to bring out a stronger motivation. There is establishment of better motivation is through character change unique from the earlier one. The characters feels more engaged with the world.

Create characters that struggles to reach to their goals. Do not grant the characters what they want easily. Let them struggle and go through hardships before they arrive to their goals. Achievements are often hard worn. It takes hard works, and one goes through a lot of struggles to arrive at what they want. This makes sure that the characters do not feel predictable. The motivation of the characters makes the stories interesting. Uncertainties among the character’s motivation makes the story stand out.

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